The Geek Lounge is Born

Thanks for dropping by. This is a very exciting time for me, as I finally found my way into creating a legit blog site. I love writing, and I’ve been sharing my thoughts online for the longest time through Friendster (ugh!), then migrating to Multiply. I began to find the latter to be an inadequate platform for what I want my blog to be. And so The Geek Lounge (TGL) at WordPress is born.

What’s in Store?

As the name implies, I wanted a blog site where I can share all things Gerald, which are, for the most part, geeky. I dare not argue about the correct definition of geek, but I can confidently share the definition of Gerald which will slowly unravel as this blog grows and accumulates. If you are anyone like me, you’re mainly a lover of technology and its contribution to a better life. Of course, you take thrill in the “other” things life has to offer, like music, travel and good food.

TGL is mostly a review site, basically my take on stuff. Since childhood (the age of magazines), I’ve enjoyed reading reviews. However, I slowly became dissatisfied in them as I know they are influenced by the politics of Marketing. I decided to take matters into my own hands and write my own reviews, which are based on my own experiences and are purely unbiased of any monetary compensation. As such, my reviews tend to be very straightforward. If I love something, I’ll rave about it and if something is simply despises me, you’ll definitely read about it as well. If you are used to sugar coating, look elsewhere.

What to Expect and What Not To

As a geek, I have my favorites, and at this time they are photography, audio, and performance cars. As a human, I enjoy electronic music, gastronomic adventures and I aspire to travel to first world countries. I’m also known to be inclined on counter-culture. I find appeal in the underdog and avoid the common. These current passions may change in time, as people do. But for now, my babble will gravitate on these things.

If you stay at the Lounge often enough, you would also read about day-to-day things, such as what I think is the best toothbrush, or how I feel is the best way prepare brewed coffee.

Currently, I’m not really hot on mobile phones, PCs, Anime and gaming, so less of that here.

Why bother?

Aside from the desire to write, mainly, I’m doing this for public service. I want you to know what to grab and what to drop. If I get speakers for the car that sound like crap, I make sure that you know so that you wouldn’t make the same mistake of blowing your precious payroll on something that’s trash.

Just this week I helped an office colleague select a point-and-shoot for his wife. He came to me for help, admitting that he was clueless about cameras. He eventually bought the model I recommended. He said, “I’m getting this model only because I have your blessing.” It’s a priceless feeling to be trusted on things geek, and this is what I hope to achieve with The Geek Lounge.

Going macro and dreaming big, I hope to develop loyal followers of The Geek Lounge. It would really be cool if one day, I would have an influence on the world, and create my own sub culture. My apologies if that may sound too egotistic. My vision is to have something that resembles my favorite blogs, such as Digital Photography Review and FatLace, the former being an online authority and the latter being a pop sub culture creator and evangelist.

Bookmark me!

That’s it for my long-ish intro. If you’ve made it this far, I think you’re a geek and I may have gotten you interested. Why don’t you add TGL to your bookmark? Drop me a comment too and tell me what you think. Hope to see you hanging around at the Lounge again soon!


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