Stella Artois and San Mig Premium

For my Christmas Eve post, I decided to write about a Noche Buena must have: booze!

Stella’s a great beer and everyone knows that for a fact. San Miguel Premium is a great beer too, in case you haven’t tried it yet. In fact, I’d choose Premium over San Mig Light anytime. Premium is a great companion to dinner or the typical “2 bottles after work” sortie. Too bad Premium isn’t a low calorie beer.

My old man loves Premium too, so he stocked the halfway house fridge with them for the holidays. I remembered I had a bottle of Stella in the fridge too so I looked for it. I actually had a hard time searching as the Stella was able to “camouflage” itself among the multitude of Premium.

Here’s a photo of the two beers side by side:

Blatant imitation by San Miguel or mere coincidence? You be the judge.

By the way, the similarities are only skin deep. The flavors within are worlds apart, but both good. If you ask me, I’d have a Premium over a Stella, simply because the former is really good quality malt for the price.


2 thoughts on “Stella Artois and San Mig Premium

  1. Oo nga no! Ginaya yung bote! Hahaha. Though i still prefer stella over premium. Hoegarden over stella. Chimay over hoegarden. 🙂

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