Pig in the Mail!

Look what arrived in the mail:

Arrived in my sister’s mail, that is. It contains a pair of Rally Pig stickers that I ordered from HSPN Networks. At long last, it was finally sent here in Manila and I’ve hastily stuck one of them onto the left side mirror of my car.

So what’s the big deal? A quick Google on “rally pig” will get you some answers. In a nutshell, the pig is a mascot of Young Magazine, a Japanese publication for teens. This same mascot was spotted on the left side mirrors of Subaru rally cars of past, and it seems to have been there for sponsorship.

It has since become popular–albeit a case of love it or hate it–within the Subaru and Rally Car subculture. The mascot was eventually dubbed as “the rally pig” in the rally car scene. The pig is big in the US. In fact, the fad is probably already on it’s way out. But it’s almost unheard of in the local car scene. I wanted to get one, but couldn’t source it locally, so I resorted to getting it from an online store.

The wife loved it (after giving her a quick background on what it’s about). She thinks it’s cute and adds character to the car. The general public, upon seeing my ride, would probably have the same “hey, that’s cute!” reaction. But just as certain, they will also have a “what’s the pig on the rear view mirror all about?” afterthought.


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