Danish Cookies, Japan Style

We all know what Danish Cookies are all about. They typically come in round royal blue tin cans and they belong to the “top ten most given or received as a gift”, alongside Hickory Farms and Body Shop products. While Danish cookies are nice and buttery delights, they’re just not the type of food one would crave on.

Recently I discovered that the Japanese have their own version of tin can delicacies. The one pictured below was a gift given to my sis by a friend of hers who touristed Japan.

Before opening the box, I had no idea what it contained. The tin’s minimalist artwork seemed to suggest it had fruity contents. I had the notion that it was an assortment of sweetened fruit preserves. Opening the tin proved me wrong…

Within was an assortment of mini pastries or cookies if you will, delicately packaged with a silky translucent paper liner, a pack of silica gel and a couple of literature cards. The biscuits are celled into bento-like compartments: undeniably Japanese.

The close up above is mouth-watering, simply beautiful and Zen-like relaxing to the eyes. But let me be quick to say that they taste half as good as they look. The sugar frosted bits on the top left has a hint of ginger. The green ones have a slight–you guessed it–green tea after taste. The top right with what looks like rice crispies is the only variety I’d consider snacking on; it has that familiar Japanese nori/fishy taste. The rest of them are tasteless. Blech! No thanks.

I love Japanese culture. Why? Because they’ve brought into this world everything that I love: their cars*, food, girls and gadgets! But this little tin can of biscuits right here has taught me that there is something about Japan that I could really hate.

* Evo X and GT-R!


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