Weihenstephan Beer – First Impression

New Year’s Eve is synonymous to celebrations. So for today I’m appropriately writing another beer blog.

I recently was able to try a Weihenstephan beer for the first time. As usual, I’m not going to spoon feed you and rewrite here what you can get from a quick search. Go Google the details, and I’ll go straight to writing about my impressions.

The variant I was able to try was the Vitus which is said to be a spicy, single-bock wheat beer. Its bottle is very elegant as you can see below. Nothing less coming from a monastery that claims to be the world’s oldest commercial beer brewery. Could it be the world’s best tasting beer?

Properly chilled bottle of Weihenstephan Vitus

I am no beer connoisseur, but here’s my attempt at describing my first Weihenstephan experience:

First, I made sure that I had chilled the bottle to almost freezing. Then, I carefully poured the contents to a mug that had been sitting in the freezer. The liquid is cloudy, much like Hoegaarden. The taste? Much like Hoegaarden too…but not quite. Somehow, the beer had a rust iron aftertaste, to me at least. Kinda like the taste of blood in your mouth. Definitely not pleasant. Maybe this is how proper Belgian beer should be? An acquired taste? Could the other Weihenstephan variants be better? I wouldn’t know for sure.

Don’t let me mislead you into steering away from this beer. What may taste bad to me may be delicious to you. I would still recommend giving this beer a try and let your tongue decide. It is, after all, a Weihenstephan. Sourcing this beer locally might be a challenge. (I got my sample from the U.S.) If anybody knows where to get this in Metro Manila, please do everyone a favor by dropping a comment.

Cheers to welcoming 2010! But stay sober enough to be safe.


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