Op/Tech USA Pro Strap Review

Last month, I went in the InfoMax store at Mall of Asia to window shop. Their display of Op/Tech USA Pro Straps in various colors caught my attention. They seemed to be very comfortable just by the way they looked. Memories of the agony of walking around for several hours with a heavy camera filled my head. I was rat-broke, but I immediately felt the urge to buy not because of want, but because I needed one.

I “tried” the strap on by putting it over my neck and pulling at the ends to simulate weight. It felt incredibly comfortable! The reasonable price of Php1,600 helped seal the deal. I took home a black one.

I put the strap on my camera as soon as I had the chance, and it was photography bliss ever since. My camera felt seemingly half as heavy with the Op/Tech USA strap. Maybe it’s the combination of the strap’s curved shape, its extra width and the neoprene cushioning pad that made it extra comfy.

My camera with the Op/Tech USA Pro Strap

Entry-level DSLR and kit lens users could probably do without an upgraded strap. But for users of semi-pro or pro cameras with huge lenses, the Op/Tech USA Pro Strap is an easy recommendation because of the huge amount of comfort that it brings. The original strap that a DLSR comes with is simply no comparison! The price is worth every penny, and you’ll thank yourself for getting one every time you walk around for more than 10 minutes with your DSLR. The pro-look that the Op/Tech USA strap brings is an added bonus. For hobbyists that may be a superficial thing, but for professional photographers it could mean boosted image and cred with clients.

P.S. Checking out their website, I discovered that the strap is Made in USA. That’s a reassurance of quality. One small thing though: the Op/Tech USA website had pictures of photography gear from the 90’s! Their website’s look and feel badly needs updating.


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