Axe Detailer Review

Modern men care about personal hygiene. That’s no mystery, as they want to look good and smell good; basically be at their best all the time. (Women like this!) Modern marketers are quick to address this fact. That is why we now see products made specifically for men in the cosmetics department of a grocery store. Stuff that wasn’t available a decade ago.¬†Men’s shampoo, soap, lotion, face wash, you name it! Unfortunately, not all hygiene products have “For Men” versions. And that is why to this day, men who care to be clean secretly keep…wait for it…

…pink loofahs! (insert pipe organ horror chord here)

Guys let’s admit it, you all keep those little old-rose colored scrubbers stashed in the bathroom, away from public view. Okay maybe not all of you have pink loofahs, maybe some of you have them in other pastel hues, lavander being the next most common color. But you get the picture.

A dude from the brand management department of Unilever probably couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take matters into his own hands. Alas, the Axe Detailer was launched.

Men of the world, rejoice! We now can have a scrubber that we can proudly display in our tubs or take with us to the gym. This manly device is aptly called the Detailer because aside from a loofah, its front side also has a velcro like pad that you can use to detail parts of your body, i.e. calloused heels or toes. I dare not divulge in detail my shower escapades but let me just say that the experience of using this product is close to the satisfaction we guys get from waxing and buffing cars.

This actually isn’t a new product, as I’ve been seeing this in the grocery stores since last year. Sadly for you Manila boys, Unilever Philippines hasn’t imported them yet. Do yourself a favor and call your auntie from Cali (or is it New Jersey?) and tell her to send a couple over. Else you risk being caught red-handed with a pink loofah that you ever so discreetly purchased from SM Watson’s.


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