Classic Cartoons

In case you’re curious of how old I am, you’ll quickly find out in this post. I wont say it outright though; you’d have to do some figuring out. I’ll give you a lot of clues: a list of cartoons that I used to watch when I was young.

This classic cartoon list was created one lazy weekend when I suddenly had a sentimental trip back in time. You wont find popular ones like G.I.Joe, Transformers, He-Man or ThunderCats in the list as everyone remembers them to this day. What you’ll see in this post are the more obscure and probably forgotten ones. To make it more sentimental, my list is in picture form, compiled from quick searches on the Net.

If you’re my age, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Read on…

Back in the day, adjective-noun cartoon names were all the buzz. The first three are examples:


I remember having a BlackStar toy. Somehow, I found that sword really cool.




I remember there used to be COPS toys too.

Danger Mouse

Dangermouse was my first exposure to the British accent.


I absolutely have no memory of the story line of Fangface, but that uni-toothed character is vaguely familiar.

Karate Kat

Sky Commanders

The only special abilities they had was slinging cables between mountains and riding on them. What a big yawner. I remember this cartoon, but I sure did not watch it.

Space Battleship Yamato

Now this is an interesting one. If I remember right, this anime had enough drama to make me really involved and sometimes be really emotional.

The Centurions

If there is such a thing as B-cartoons (the way there are B-movies), the Centurions would be a great example. Clearly a product of ideas running dry.


Top Cat

Last but definitely not least…

Mighty Man and Yukk

Mighty Man and Yukk gets kudos from me for being creatively weird. It was years ahead of Nickelodeon and therefore years ahead of its time. The concept still makes me laugh inside until today.

So how many of the 13 listed do you remember? Can you guess my age yet? Drop me a comment if you think I missed out on a great but forgotten cartoon.


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