Truvia Natural Sweetener

I use artificial sweetener whenever I can. I try to avoid unnecessary sugar and calories whenever I have the option to leave it out, such as in my coffee or whenever I feel like drinking a cola. I want to keep my sugar intake in moderation because I know that in other prepared food such as pastries, the sugar simply cannot be taken out.

I have grown accustomed to the taste and the use of Equal, Splenda, Pal Sweet and the like. I’m aware that these are artificial, and could possibly be doing my body some harm. But I also am very sure that I do my body a favor by keeping it away from too much sugar and calories.

Recently I discovered another brand of sweetener called Truvia, and was able to obtain a box of 40 sachets.

My box of Truvia artificial sweetener

Truvia is said to be a natural sweetener as opposed to being an artificial sweetener. It is sourced from boiling Stevia leaves and is calorie free. It is now what I take with my morning coffee (for the next forty or so days, that is). It’s FDA approved, so I don’t have to worry about side effects. Besides, what would ingesting 40 sachets do to me? I’m not sure if Truvia is available in Manila already so my box of Truvia may well be my first and last.

Physical Appearance

My initial observation is that a sachet contains more, and bigger granules than Equal. While an Equal (or a Splenda) sachet contains about half a teaspoon of fine powdery substance, a Truvia sachet contains about a full teaspoon of crystalline and sugar like (yes!) granules. Somehow Truvia’s apperance gave me an impression that it is a safe product, because it looks like real sugar.

A Truvia sachet. Notice how it seems more "filled" than an Equal/Splenda sachet.


A cup (about 240ml) of home brewed coffee–Starbucks or similar–is always a part of my breakfast. It is essential to kick start any given day. To my taste, a sachet of Splenda or Equal, is enough to give my coffee just the right amount of sweetness. So when I tried the Truvia, I also added just one sachet with my morning brew. My initial observation is that a sachet of Truvia is less sweet than a sachet of Splenda or Equal. The difference is not that much, but enough to be noticed. This is interesting, the fact that a sachet of Truvia contains more “powder” than a sachet of Equal/Splenda.

The good thing is that, for me, the Truvia didn’t have any perceivable aftertaste,  and is the closest thing to real sugar. And the slightly weaker sweetness is actually to my preference, as I like my coffee to be a bit on the bitter side. You’d have to agree that too much sweetness kills the flavor of the coffee.

Truvia is indeed a pleasantly sweet discovery.


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