Subaru Touch-Up Paint Review

It’s a well known fact that forum sites are great repositories of knowledge, specially if you’re looking for niche or very specific information. If you have a car and would like to learn more about it, go join (or lurk) in a car forum. Better yet, don’t just go to any general car forum, but to a forum specific to your car’s make or model.

It was in a forum where I discovered where to source a touch-up paint for my car. Although I don’t have any scratches or chips on my car’s paint job yet, I anticipate that it will get some over time. Being a motorist for over a decade, I have had my share of paint chips and scratches with my previous cars, and I usually let them be because touch-up paints with the exact color match is hard to find. That is why, when someone from the forum offered to have them sourced from the U.S. and shipped to Manila, I didn’t pass up on the chance.

My touch-up paint is an original from the U.S. dealership, that is why I know I’m getting a good product. It’s very innovative, as it offers two ways on how to apply the paint: via traditional brush, and the more innovative roller ball tip.

Touch-up paint showing the ball point pen applicator.

My Subie does have two small paint chip dots on the hood which I got from driving behind a truck whose rear tires were spewing pebbles. My chance to try out the paint. Because the chips were so small, I decided to use the ball point applicator. Pressing the roller ball tip on a surface causes a small amount of paint to ooze out, so I pressed the tip on the chip. In doing this, one must be careful of applying too much paint that it will lump over the chip. I was able to cover the chip with paint, and the results were satisfactory. I wasn’t able to make the chips disappear completely, but at least the chips’ tiny craters were now painted over, instead of being black (and obvious) dots. The “pen” applicator is nifty–I couldn’t imagine retouching the chips using a brush. Although the brush would still have its purpose: for long and/or big scratches and chips which I hope I wouldn’t have.

For 580 pesos, my touch-up paint is an affordable insurance for spot repairs of paint blemishes.


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