The Fort After Dark

The Fort has somehow become my second home, and yet the place never fails to bewitch me. It’s beautiful day and night, with just the right amount of skyscrapers that do not block the sun and traffic that does not pollute. I know that this beauty might not last for long, and so I decided to capture The Fort by night in photos.

I walked around Rizal Drive, DSLR in hand, and making the most of the cool January evening air. This was also a good chance for me to test my camera’s low light prowess (and limitations).

Deutsch Bank Building

Net Square Building

Rizal Drive

Rizal Drive cor. 29th St.

Rizal Drive going to St. Luke's Hospital

Street Sign

I decided to shoot in RAW for post processing flexibility and details, but RAW images tend to be noisier than jpegs, and even noisier in low light and long exposures. I tried to keep the noise controlled by pegging the ISO at 400, but the grains are still evident when viewed at 100%. Noise shouldn’t be an issue if the photos are to be resized for web as you can see (or not see) in the photos above.

Overall, I was impressed by the 50D’s performance in low light, except for the noise, which the D300 could probably do better. The EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 lens did a great job too, mainly for staying sharp wide open. The lens also kept chromatic aberrations at bay: if you would look closely at the building “Deutsch Bank” and “Net One” signs, there is almost no aberrations.


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