Impreza Interior Illumination Kit

I recently was able to obtain an OEM interior illumination kit for the GH8 Subaru Impreza. I’m not really into adding lights such bling in a car but I got such a good deal on this one that I couldn’t pass it up. It was sourced from the U.S. the seller had planned to use it on his car but then decided to sell the kit after his car got washed away by the typhoon Ondoy.

The good thing about this kit is that it is OEM, meaning there was no splicing nor drilling done for the install. Everything just snapped on and was a perfect fit.

Some unboxing photos for ya…

The box was sealed when I got it. It clearly states that it is USDM and is made in Canada.

More info at the side of the box. It's OEM!

Inside the box

The parts all seem to be of high quality and durability, pretty much standard for OEM accessories.

A closer look at the bulbs that go under the dash. These are LEDs, so they last practically forever and don't get hot

The original cubby hole bulb for Imprezas is blue. This replacement part is red. (It's made in Japan!)

The kit’s harness is connected to the headlight switch so it turns on together with the other interior lighting. Furthermore, the light intensity can be adjusted.

Shot of the interior with the illumination kit switched on.

Being able to source out hard to obtain parts is every car lover’s thrill. And it’s an even greater joy if it fits perfectly and works great. In that regard, I’d say that this USDM accessory is indeed a treasure and a great find.