TGL Evolves

The Geek Lounge is a work in progress…a kaizen effort, if you will. I hope to continually refine my blog to make it as feature rich and as interesting to the online world. Today, I’ve made a few tweaks to the blog site:

1. An email account – Please feel free to drop a note at And since this is a Yahoo! account, you can contact me through Yahoo! Messenger as well.

2. A Twitter account – Follow The_Geek_Lounge on Twitter for blog updates and more. In fact, I may even post geek-ish brain flatulence there that you wouldn’t find on the blog site!

3. Tags for every blog post – This is embarrassing, but I will confess that I have not been putting tags on my posts before today!

4. More content with fewer words – I’ve realized that most of my blogs are well over 400 words long and that my readers may not have the attention span for it. A conscious effort is being done to write more concise, yet dense with content and media (pictures, video and audio). Expect blogs of 200 words or less in the near future.

I’m still thinking of ways to evolve TGL. A Facebook account? Perhaps, but still thinking of how to execute that properly. Mobile blogging is also in the plan (I would need QWERTY phone with a decent camera for that). I’m also still learning to maximize all the features of WordPress. Got any suggestions? Please feel free to email, tweet or drop a comment.


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