Peet’s Coffee

During the last couple of months of college, I worked for Starbucks as a barista. That was about 10 years ago, and back then there were only a handful of branches open: 6750, Glorietta 4 and Rockwell to name a few, and that was the time when wearing the green apron and being behind an espresso bar had a bit of prestige to it.

The great thing about working for Starbucks is that one really gets trained to become a coffee artisan. With enough training, a barista’s tongue becomes sharp enough to distinguish one coffee variety from another, such as telling the difference between a Kenya and a Columbia, even while blindfolded! I will forever be thankful to Starbucks for my passion and skill for all things coffee.

Fast forward ten years later, basic brewed coffee is still a part of my life, specifically my morning routine. My Krups drip type coffee maker (highly recommended) has seen heavy usage, and I regularly keep stock of fresh ground coffee. Sad to say though, my loyalty to Starbucks didn’t last. I became tired of the Starbucks roast taste and found myself getting my supply of beans from Seattle’s Best Coffee and CBTL.

A couple of years ago I discovered Peet’s Coffee and fell in love with their coffee beans. I’m not saying their coffee is superior. It’s probably just different, especially to me whose tongue has been calloused by a gazillion cups of Starbucks drip. I can’t forget my first experience of Peet’s: its aroma woke me up one snowy holiday morning in Boston, along with the smell of eggs and sausages frying in the kitchen of my sister’s apartment. My favorite variant is Major Dickason’s Blend. It has a powerful chocolate aroma and taste. The chocolatey experience starts as soon as you open the bag of grounds. The cocoa aroma fills the air and is amplified even more when it starts brewing. Upon drinking, you can almost be convinced that an invisible elf had probably sprinkled some cocoa powder into your mug.

Peet's Coffee - my breakfast companion

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend is a great way to start the day, and an excellent choice to serve to friends and visitors as a dessert companion specially if you want to impress with a great tasting brew.


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