Samsung I8910 Omnia HD Unboxing

After weeks of hesitation, research and tough decision making I finally convinced myself to upgrade my 22-month old E61i. There was nothing seriously wrong with that Nokia, except that the vibration occasionally “hanged” (when I receive an SMS, the vibration goes continuous unless I reboot). It also looks bit worn and banged up already. The E61i served its purpose of texting, calling and the occasional web browsing, but somehow I was already craving for a more feature rich and converged mobile device.

Enter the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD, my current “gadget sidearm.”  Many of you may ask “why the Omnia HD?” Well to begin with, the phone to replace my E61i had to have the following: 1) a QWERTY keyboard 2)Wi-Fi and Internet Browser 3) a camera with at least 5 megapixels and decent video recording  4) Bluetooth 2.0 and 5) Symbian OS. These features were necessary, as my main uses for a converged mobile device is for business SMS, mobile blogging, camera/camcorder substitute and a hi-fi Bluetooth audio for music. Blackberry chat isn’t a must have for me now.

I was initially eying on the E72 as it had everything that require, but hesitated because its screen size was actually smaller than that of the E61i and because it was fast becoming commonplace. The N97 and N97 mini were part of my short list too, but the former had bad reviews and the latter simply didn’t excite me. The BB Bold 9000 attracted me at first, but the specs seemed anemic for what I will be paying. And let’s not even talk about the iPhone; I’m a hater and it requires a separate full length blog for me to explain.

The I8910’s proposition attracted me ever since it was launched mid-’09. It was, and still is at the time of writing, the only phone with HD video recording and playback (720p). That’s a real bonus for me as I also needed an HD camcorder. Now I don’t need to get a separate Flip or entry-level Xacti. Furthermore, its specs was no slouch: capacitive 3.7-inch AMOLED screen, 600Mhz processor, 256MB RAM, 8GB storage and dedicated graphics chip. Indeed the Omnia HD is one feature-packed hot rod, and that sealed the deal for me. (Sure, the Omnia II may be newer, but it didn’t have HD video and ran on WinMo 6.5…eww!)

It’s barely been a week since I had it, but I plan to blog a series of reviews as I spend more time with the phone. Hopefully I get to write about its performance and real world usability. But if you’re already hungry for information you may want to check out the OmniaHD’s glowing review at GSM Arena.

In the meantime, here are some unboxing photos:

Mobile phone boxes have really gotten smaller

It's plain and cramped inside. No "satin and lace." Definitely not befitting for the "phat-and-all-dat" phone you're getting.

Just the essentials included.

Glorious AMOLED display

Lean and long candy bar form factor

The old and the new: E61i and I8910 side by side.


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