Egg.Works The Savoy Loudspeaker

I recently had a chance to audition a pair of EgglestonWorks The Savoy loudspeakers. If you haven’t heard of  Egg.Works I don’t blame you, as it is one of those niche exotic audiophile companies that manufactures megabuck speakers. This Memphis Tennessee-based speaker company obsessively hand-builds loudspeakers that have, in recent years, been receiving critical acclaim from the audiophile community.

The Savoy is the best sounding* loudspeaker I have ever auditioned in my entire life, end of story. If you’re used to listening to music from iPod docking stations or even from so-called “hi-fi” Bose or B&W speakers, then The Savoy will blow you away. It is simply unbelievable how the speakers can reach a level of effortless realism. Imaging was elevated, spot on and focused, while the timbre was thick, warm, fluid and very detailed. The bass response is flat to below human hearing, yet unimposing.

How they were able to make it sound so breathtaking is beyond me. The EgglestonWorks website attempts to explain the breakthrough technologies and state-of-the-art components used in their speakers. But you don’t even have to read that to know that The Savoy is the avant garde in music reproduction. Just looking at the speakers is a testament in itself. Each towering enclosure contains nine, read ’em, nine drivers encased in a piano lacquer finished and granite reinforced chassis.

A pair of towering Egg.Works speakers, taller than some people I know, and more expensive than a Mini Cooper.

For those who actually counted the drivers in the picture, do be informed that three of the nine drivers are inside the baffle. And speaking of the drivers, they are said to be custom manufactured by Morel and Dynaudio for Egg.Works.

A common man’s reason may not understand why one should have these expensive mammoths in one’s living room. But through these loudspeakers listening to your favorite music means listening to them in a way that you’ve never heard them before, with  soulful articulation and nuances that are literally previously unheard of. For serious music lovers, that may be enough justification.


*Note: To those of you in the know, let me qualify “best sounding” by saying this: I have auditioned top shelf speakers such as the first Focal Grande Utopias, the B&W 802’s, the Sonus Faber Cremonas and even the Meridian DSP8000’s. I’ve also listened to Gryphon and Burmester speakers whose models I can’t recall. All of these mentioned do not even come close to The Savoys.


2 thoughts on “Egg.Works The Savoy Loudspeaker

    • The Savoys featured in this blog aren’t mine. They were powered by current model Audio Research Reference monoblocks (whose exact model I can’t recall). The pre-amp is also ARC Reference. The vinyl source includes a VPI turntable, Clearaudio Goldfinger Diamond cartridge and Aesthetix Rhea phono pre-amp.

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