Old Mobile Phone Photos

When I migrated data from my old Nokia E61i, I discovered that I was able to shoot and save a lot of  mobile phone photos (with crappy image quality). Here are some of the good ones. Check out the captions for additional info.

Genius store name.

Dusk in Makati

The official snack of the Honda fanboys.

Heavenly cheesesteak at Malcolm's Deli, The Fort.

How I wish I had a WRX plate like this one.

Found this at the grocery. Baking ingredient or diabetic supplement?

Mena, Chin Chun Su and San-ing at Mercury Alabang. (What, no Ly-Na and Cebo de Macho!?)

Words of wisdom found inside the Metrobank head office.

A rare image of my old 400D and Sigma f=2.8. This one was captured in Caylabne bay just a couple of months before it was finally decommissioned.

A beautifully restored Galant sighted in Filinvest Mall. I remember when I was a toddler and my dad used to drive one of these. It was in that car that I learned how to shift gears, at age 3.

Big reward for a pair of specs. Could they have been Silhouettes?

Boy London watches still for sale at Mactan airport. Where are the baseball caps with metal plates?

Cute sighting: toddler indulging on a Dairy Queen waffle cone that even I probablt couldn't finish.

Witty or stupid? You be the judge.

Nice Land Rover bumper sticker.

Having a cold one in an after office sortie at The Distillery, The Fort.

Sirens of power tripping Congressmen wont work here.

Check out the inverted cross on this guy's tombstone. Scary.


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