Keizo Japanese Restaurant at the Fort

For tired and jaded tongues such as mine, it’s always a joy to discover quaint and authentic restaurants outside the mainstream. Tucked and almost hidden in Forbes Town, Burgos Circle is Keizo, a quiet, homey and truly authentic Japanese restaurant just across Bellagio Tower I. It’s a small place with probably no more than 25 seats and it’s packed with Japanese diners every night. A Japanese chef (and/or owner–I’m not quite sure) goes around to talk to the guests. Do you need any more proof of its authenticity?

I’m a Katsudon fan, and I must say that Keizo’s is the best I’ve ever had. Prepare to spend about 500-700 Pesos per head for  dinner. You may argue that it’s a bit on the pricey side, but truth is you get real value because Keizo offers a lot of “freebies” with your meal, such as hot or cold tea, a baby squid appetizer, miso soup and even a fruit jell-o dessert.

The only down side is trying to get a seat as it gets really busy and packed come dinner time. Keizo is highly recommended and worth a try. “Where do we eat this time?” has become one of life’s toughest decisions that we always have to make, and with that as a fact, Keizo is truly a godsend.

Keizo Japanese Restaurant's discrete facade


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