South Korea: a Geek’s Perspective

I’ve just gotten back from South Korea as a tourist. It was my first time in the country and so I really took the time to soak in the culture. But apart from enjoying the food, climate and tours, I also enjoyed Korea from a geek’s point of view. Everyone knows that Korea is now one of the world’s leading purveyors of electronics and cars, coming from just a decade ago when nobody took their products seriously.

But more that the electronics and cars, there’s a lot about Korea that is sure to arouse the geek’s curiosity. I’m letting my pictures do the talking:

Korea considers Incheon Airport its main international hub, not Seoul Airport. Incheon Airport is definitely up there with the best of Asia. Some people I know hate airports. I absolutely am in love with them still.

Incheon by night - this city is mostly reclaimed and although relatively bare today, Korea has big plans for it.

Sheraton Incheon -- for me the best hotel in Asia so far. Those crisp, cold, and white bedsheets are always a welcome sight for the tired traveller.

Sheraton Incheon's room control panel will intimidate non-techies.

More tech in the hotel room - HDMI, USB, Audio, etc. all connecting your gadgets to the 32-inch Samsung LCD TV!

One of the best shots I've taken in terms of composition, color, sharpness and exposure.

The water curtain effect -- achieved by photographing flowing water at the lowest possible shutter speed.

Samsung branded surveillance camera--tech finds its way to the streets.

It's a given, Seoul offers the really good food for the hungry tourist!

Yakult - Korean Version

Bulgogi Burger and Big Bulgogi Burger at McDonald's. Too bad I didn't have the chance to try them.

The only not so good thing about Korea is that everywhere you go, the coffee is watered down. (This shot was taken with the Omnia HD--I was impressed by the sharpness of the cup against a good background bokeh.)

In Korea, Ssangyong's reliability and quality is not questioned; there are a lot of them on the streets. Here's one used by the Incheon Airport security. Check out the cameras and other gizmos on its roof.

The cockpit of our tourist bus is simply impressive. GPS, rear video, mobile phone, calculator, chipmunk figurine, shift knob bling... can you spot all the gadgets and goodies?

Koreans have a nifty way of double parking, yet being within reach by those whom they have blocked.

BMW Police bike

Yours truly, posing beside a Korean police bike. Until Korea is able to manufacture decent bikes, their police would have to use BMWs.

The Kia Picanto is called the Kia Morning in Korea.

For some reason, Korea abounds with Dunkin' shops. Western cars (such as the Mini seen here) are a rare sighting.

The K7 is Kia's Camry killer but is not yet available outside Korean shores. Rumor has it that Kia has gotten an ex-Audi designer to create their current cars.


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