The Best Toothbrush

For years I have been using Aquafresh toothbrushes. It’s relatively unpopular, and definitely not top of mind. But for me, it’s the best out there (not counting the motorized ones) and I highly recommend them for a few good reasons:

1. They’re made in Germany(!) – I’m a sucker for stuff made outside China. Whether you agree with me or not, they denote better quality. Guess where Colgate and Oral B toothbrushes are made.

2. Flexible stem – This seemingly trivial feature is the most important of all. It allows the stem to bend, so that no matter how hard you brush, the pressure on your teeth and gums remain constant. Also, it helps ensure that the bristles don’t bend as much. The benefit? It’s a gentler and more effective toothbrush.

3. Narrow, tapered head – allows the bristle to reach the back of your mouth.

4. Basic rounded bristles – My rule of thumb in toothbrushes, the more basic the bristles and head is, the better. Don’t go for the fancy ones with the rubber spikes and angled bristles. Whitening? Tongue-cleaning? Gum massaging? All marketing bull.

Aquafresh toothbrush - use the one with the basic head and soft bristle, such as this one.

Unfortunately, Aquafresh toothbrushes are hard to come by in Manila. I see a few in Rustan’s Rockwell, but I dunno how long they’re gonna keep stock. Go get ’em now!


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