Bioshock 2 Action Figure Collectibles

Last month I got a copy of Bioshock 2 for PS3. I loved the game, specially because of its steampunk feel combined with the nostalgia of the forties.

To my surprise, I found action figures of Bioshock 2 (Subject Delta and Big Sister) being sold in 2 Rats hobby shop in Eastwood Mall. I didn’t know they made figures for the game at all. At first, I hesitated to get them as they were a bit pricey. (Php1,000 apiece is just about average for a collectible action figure but the price is difficult to justify for a grown up buying “toys.”)

After some thought and a good night’s sleep, the kid in me prevailed and I took them home. They may have some value in the future, I figured (pun intended). The toys have nice detail, paint and texture, almost like those expensive ceramic character figurines. However, plastic of packaging is dull and flimsy compared to other collectibles. There is this urge to just rip the pack open and pose the characters on my desk, but they will lose value, so I’m resisting the temptation…for now.

Anyway, enough of the blabber. Here they are, Subject Delta and Big Sister:

Subject Delta

Big Sister


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