Geek visits Kuala Lumpur

Got a chance to visit KL for the 2nd time for work related training. I didn’t bother to bring my cumbersome DSLR and tried to survive with my camera phone. I managed to snap some interesting photos around the city. The image quality captured by the Omnia HD was barely acceptable, but still usable for web consumption.

Obstructed view of Petronas Towers at my Sheraton hotel room

Upon uploading the photos to my laptop, I noticed that I took photos of only two subjects: food and Subaru which are obviously two of my favorite things.


And you think only Americans love excess?

Curious, I bought a MEGAMac to try it out. Here's the box.

Not any better, just a lot more of the same.

Training break treats. The Omnia HD seems to shine on macro shots, with a good attempt at slightly blurring the background.

5.00RM for a bowl of dry noodles with shredded beef, and a side of soup with beef balls. Two words: not recommended.

BBQ Frog at Jalan Alor (KL's street food central). Quite tasty and tender, though quite pricey. It's unlikely I'll have a second craving.

Malaysia's BBQ Chicken Wings. Great with beer and sharing with friends. A definite must-try.

Cendol: Malaysia's official dessert. This is the "Supreme" version, available only at the KLCC Mall Food Court


A Scooby dealership. I wonder why the showroom is devoid of cars.

An 80's Subaru sighted!

This is the oldest Scooby I've ever seen. It's 30 years old, but already had AWD!

Close up of the retro Subaru emblem. Awesome!

I doubt if the wheels are original, but the owner is trendy enough to paint it gold.


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