A Petition for “Premium” Diesel Fuel

For the past year or so I’ve been casually researching on high end diesel cars, visiting dealerships and talking to salesmen. I have come to discover that the diesel fuel that’s being sold in our country is inferior to the standards of luxo brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz. I’m no fuel expert, but I do own a diesel engined car. What’s more, I believe that diesel-powered cars will be a big part of the near future of the automotive industry.

This inspired me to send a letter to Petron where I currently gas up on. Here’s a copy of that letter, which I sent today. Will post updates if they reply.


Dear Petron,

I am a loyal customer of your fuels, and I only refuel my cars in Petron stations using my Petron-BPI credit card.

I write to suggest that the company launch a “premium diesel” product. I thought about this suggestion because I have been in the market for high-end diesel vehicles and I’ve discovered that Mercedes-Benz does not sell diesel cars in the country because our diesel fuels are inferior (dirty) for their standards. Jeep-Chrysler also informed me that they modify their diesel models just so that it will run on our inferior diesel without problems. I also talked to an Audi salesman, and he told me that they cannot bring in and sell all their diesel cars because of the same reason.

I believe that a “premium diesel” product has a market in the country as there are a lot of high end diesel engined cars being sold here (i.e. Audi, Benz. BMW, etc.). Not to mention the resurgence and proliferation of new private diesel cars (i.e. Toyota, Hyundai etc.) which you can verify with CAMPI records. Also, the global automotive industry is having more and more diesel offerings with ever improving technologies and emissions standards (EURO).

While your existing “regular” diesel will cater to public transportation and commercial sector, as well as the low end private car diesel market, the “premium diesel” product will cater to high end private vehicles with diesel engines. I am sure the high end market will not mind paying a little more per liter of “premium diesel” in much the same way that a lot of discriminating customers do not mind paying extra for Blaze gasoline. However, I do admit that I am not familiar if the “premium diesel” is possible from a legal/government regulation perspective (I hope it is).

I currently own a CRDi engined car, and I may replace my other gasoline car with a diesel-engined car in the future. A lot of the people I know are shifting into diesel as well. I will definitely be patronizing a “premium diesel” product should it ever come out, even if it will be a peso or so more expensive than regular diesel.

I do hope you take the time to evaluate, verify the feasibility, and consider the “premium diesel” product idea. There is a captured market out there, not to mention an opportunity for more margins, to be first in the industry and a chance to be greener/environment friendly.

Thanks and regards,

Gerald Garcia


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