Goodbye, Range Rover

Last week, the family bid farewell to our mint and blood red 2nd gen Range Rover. Our Range was acquired roughly three years ago as a pristine pre-owned unit. It was said to be previously owned by Freddie Garcia of ABS-CBN top management, who recently was made even more popular with his appearances as judge in the show Pinoy Got Talent. But I digress…

Our Range was rarely used, and was lovingly cared for by Autosport-24. It underwent touches of restoration, such as repainting of its wheels, replacement of the range rover badge, ceiling re-upholstering, installation of v-kool transparent window tint, not to mention extensive detailing, tune ups on synthetic oil and mechanical repairs of everything that was broke.

Click the image above for more photos of our departed Range Rover

That Range Rover was not the most agile on the road, but it’s tortoise-like casual acceleration was offset by a comfortable yet solid ride. It was like a tank with plush leather. The turning heads and the envious looks of classic car aficionados is also a big plus.

The timing of this SUV being sold is a curious one, because in that same week of June, the Father of the Range Rover also left this Earth. What’s more, the Range Rover celebrated it’s 40th birthday just a few weeks ago!

Adios Range Rover, as you join your new owner! Like any vehicle leaving the family, it will definitely be missed. Now that it’s gone, we would probably ride a  jJeep instead.


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