Hellaflush in the Mail

Finally, my Hellaflush stickers arrived in the mail a few days ago…

Fresh from San Fran c/o USPS

It contains four 2.5 inch round stickers that I ordered. A little more than $7 (Php370) including shipping. They accept Paypal and ship international. Pretty convenient!

Package contents.

These sticks went straight to my cheap ass Rota wheel center caps. Now my wheels have some sort of logo on them. The sticker’s colors are a perfect match to my wheels’ colors with the “Hellaflush” blue matching the valve cap.

Stuck on my Rex's wheels.

Ok, so what is “Hellaflush”? Will try to be accurate with my own definition here: Basically it’s a car subculture focused on wheel fitment that is flush to the car. A Hellaflush wheel fitment is characterized by wide wheels with low offset, stretched tires mounted on wheels that are wider than recommended, crazy negative camber and the all important slammed or dropped suspension. The Hellaflush look is synonymous to “stance” and the end result usually makes cars look wide. The stance culture was dubbed Hellaflush by the San Francisco based young and fresh design studio Fatlace. I discovered Hellaflush while lurking at the US forum website for Subaru: NASIOC.

You will either love or hate Hellaflush for what it is. I think it’s pretty cool (hey, I bought the stickers!). My car is nowhere as aggressive as the ones featured in Fatlace’s website, but my wheels have a lower offset (+44) and are a bit wider (8.5) than usual so they’re mildly flush. Some mild (1″) lowering, a little (-1.5) negative camber and maybe even a (5mm) wheel spacer for the rear is in the plan to complete the mildly flush look. These specs are mild and far from being Hella, but it’s as far as I’m willing to go considering practicality and the road conditions here in Manila.

As far as I know, Hellaflush is virtually nonexistent in the PH which is currently crazy for JDM. Yeah, I’m proud to be early in the flush fitment game. Here’s another shot of my wheel for good measure:

Badly needs some blue lug nuts...


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