My Cat Wasted My Time

Shattered Poljot

I used to be a cat lover, until this happened. I wore this classic, hand would Russian watch one fateful Friday. When I got home, I put it on my bedroom desk. Then I let my kitten, Nathan, come in the room. I left him there so I could brush my teeth. Normally, I don’t leave him unattended inside my bedroom, because I’m paranoid like dat. But I figure, I gotta trust the cat somehow. After brushing my teeth, I went back to my room to find naughty Nathan jabbing my poor watch on the floor. I guess, instead of earning my trust, Nathan shattered it. 😦 Somehow I couldn’t blame him, coz he’s just a kid. He climbed up my desk and must’ve gotten iffy with the ticking my Poljot was making. The rest was wasted time history.

Repairs are estimated at Php5,000 (US$110). That’s some serious moolah that I could’ve just saved or used to pay the bills! *sob*

Curious of how my adopted kitty from hell looks like?

Nathan (in a Shrek-Puss n' Boots pose)

Here’s another shot of him wreaking havoc:

Naughty Nathan

Honestly, I haven’t fully forgiven him yet. He’s still grounded in the kitchen as I type. If you were me, would you have forgiven him ?


3 thoughts on “My Cat Wasted My Time

  1. yes. he’s a cat. you can’t blame him anymore than you can blame a small child for being curious…you’re supposed to be the smarter species. next time don’t leave anything valuable lying around….take it as a ( expensive ) lesson learned….move on.

  2. Watch repaired and picked up today. Looks even better because the replacement glass is domed and has a beveled edge. The original is flat and had a rounded edge. The new glass also seems clearer and more anti-reflective than the original.

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