Sightings #2: Cassette Tape

Ok, there’s already too many tributes about the most popular music medium of the ’80s and I’m not here to make another one…


While walking down Pasong Tamo Extension one Saturday morning, I chanced upon this abandoned piece of audio relic lying on the sidewalk:

Abandoned Mixtape

By the way, the tape was unaltered: I took a pic of it as I found it, with the tape ribbon pulled out and what not. The cracked pavement and the autumn like fallen leaves added drama, I couldn’t help but get sentimental at the sight. Indeed, making mix tapes, high-speed dubbing, auto reverse, Dolby B, cleaning heads and capstans, TDK D or the more expensive but better sounding chrome and metal tape types, Walkmans and setting the correct record level are all part of an audio culture long forgotten. Oops! I promised I wouldn’t write tributes. I’ll stop right there.

Here’s a close up of the tape, so you can see the label that was written on it:

I wonder what songs were in it...

I was tempted to bring it home and to give it a listen (yes, I still have a working tape deck!). But I reckon the tape was in such disrepair and couldn’t be played; the music contained within, lost forever. Was it a time capsule that contained well recorded and rare classics or just a crappy compilation of Elvis and The Beach Boys?


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