Geek Visits Bangkok

Another business trip, another opportunity to blog. While Bangkok isn’t new to most of us, most travel blogs talk about the usual tom yum, thai massage and Pat Phong. Here’s a different take, through the contact lens of a geek, of course.

KFC Spicy Chicken

This was my first meal in Bangkok, specifically an afternoon snack in KFC, MBK (lunch was 11am at the plane and I got very hungry after walking around the mall). It was good, but when Thais say spicy, they mean it. My tongue burned and my stomach got hyper-acidic after eating this.

2,000 "Bath" is more like a privilege, than a fine

Sighted at KFC MBK. I’m not a smoker, but this sign actually made me consider. Make my fine twice a day with warm water, thank you.

World time on my watch.

For my business trip, I decided to use my Casio as it has world time, preset to 40 cities around the globe. Pretty convenient for travellers. Photo was taken while waiting for my Mos Burger dinner. I know Thailand only has a one hour time difference versus Manila, but it’s still pretty cool to have “BKK” displayed on the watch.

Takoyaki @ Siam Paragon Food Hall

There was actually a long cue for this, but it was well worth the wait. I’m used to the takoyaki sold in Manila, but as I described to my colleague, Siam Paragon Food Hall’s is takoyaki from heaven. Fresh and flavorful with huge chunks of octopus. For me, it’s the best takoyaki ever.

McDonald's Bangkok, across Intercon Hotel

Going to a foreign land wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the local McDonald’s. Here you can see how a McDonald’s can be truly serene and beautiful. Mickey D’s in Bangkok has their own Samurai Burger with a pork patty and teriyaki sauce. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try it. They also have a spicy chicken burger which I tried, and regretted.

Food Hall

This is the food hall in the 7th floor of IBM Thailand’s building in Ari. A chicken and rice meal here is as low as 35Baht (roughly 1US$). But food here tastes bland, and the place is quite dodgy, specially for the hygiene freaks.

Sukiyaki style noodle soup also from the IBM office Food Hall. Again, nothing to write home about.

Monkey taxi driver?

To cap off my blog, here’s a curious photo of the taxi we rode to the airport. What is a bunch of fresh bananas doing on the dashboard? Complimentary snacks to passengers perhaps?


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