Early Adapter

Proud to be one for iPod, specially now that it’s heavily proliferated (about 300 million sold to date!). I was a major major fan of portable audio since my youth. Think late 80’s long before walking around with headphones became a part of mass culture (see footnote below). I’ve always wanted an iPod since it was launched, but it was hella expensive out of reach: not only was the device pricey, but it required that you have a Mac to sync it with. The 3rd generation was the first iPod to offer Windows compatibility, and therefore opened itself to “the rest of us.”

Very recent photo of my first iPod (20GB 3rd gen). It's still working today. I love the classy indigo and red-orange backlights!

I’m even more proud to say that (like a true blue geek) I take utmost care of my gadgets, with the photo above as proof. I still use it today, mainly hooked up to my car. But the battery has deteriorated so badly that I have to charge it everyday. Still pondering if I should still invest in having the battery replaced.

I wish I can post photos if its cables and packaging. I still have them, but the latter is kinda misplaced.

The graphic on iTunes when the 3rd gen is plugged is charmingly retro.


A little bit of history: I got my first generic portable cassette player in 1989, and upgraded to several Walkmans and Aiwas, including those with Dolby B, C(!) equalizers and even auto reverse! Then I moved on to CD players. I didn’t own Sony Discmans, as I was more loyal to Aiwa and Panasonic because of their anti-skip buffer and thinnest/lightest headline specs. Before finally jumping (early) into the iPod bandwagon, I walked the streets with portable MiniDisc players.


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