Jintan Nude Breath and Belly Mint

To say that this is a “typical novelty” of Japan may seem like an oxymoron, but that’s what it really is. This exotic mint is has two active ingredients:  a strong mint and an herb extract oil, that freshens the mouth and belly respectively. Typical mints only work on your mouth, but Jintan Nude is more advanced. Even the capsules is a tech marvel in food manufacturing. Each capsule has four layers resembling the Earth’s insides: the herb oil core is enclosed in a gelatin shell which is within a strong mint mantle, finally covered by another gelatin crust.

Jintan Nude - Mints Made in Japan!

Consuming a capsule is an experience in itself. You are supposed to just let it melt in your mouth. The outer shell melts quickly, letting the really strong mint explode in your mouth. The inner shell takes a bit longer to pop, and I assume that this is an intentional, well researched delay. As soon as the mint begins to fade, the inner shell pops and gives out a different flavor (and function, which is to attack belly odors).

Back of packaging shows instructions and capsule "anatomy."

This candy is said to be very rare, and I was only able to source one in Siam Paragon Bangkok’s supermarket at roughly 65 Baht (or approx US$2) a pack. It’s elusiveness adds to its novelty. Getting this out of your pocket is an instant source of curious conversation and will definitely impress your other geek friends.

Close up of the cute dispenser.

As to its effectiveness, it can say that the strong mint really freshens the mouth. I couldn’t tell if the herb extract oil really does neutralize belly odors, but its taste is indeed pleasant. I would recommend fellow geeks to get a pack (or a few) if ever they visit Bangkok. Much credit goes to my office colleague Arnold for this tip!


15 thoughts on “Jintan Nude Breath and Belly Mint

  1. Hi Gerald! I know this is an old post, but I have just come back from my holiday in Pattaya, and I wanted to tell you the good news! These are not quite as rare as some people think – I’ve found them in multiple stores around town, but waaay more importantly, did you know there’s another flavour? Granted, some people like the mint mint better, but I woud have wanted to try just out of curiousity:) It’s raspberry, if you were curious.. And the packaging is exactly the same, only pink:) Also, hope you’re proud – brought back home at least 6-7 packs:)

    • Hi Dasha, took me forever to reply to your comment 😀 but I’m glad you found and got your stash of these mints! Thanks for your report! I had to Google Pattaya to find out it’s also in Thailand. Seems like the distributor of these mints is doing a good job there. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t found these mints since. 😀

  2. Hi Gerald, I love your article about products. I am actually selling these in Australia and thought your article would be a great feedback from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, I would like to ask you the permission to share this on my website as well as the facebook page. Please let me know your comment. Thank you and regards!

  3. Oi…sou fã do Jintan mais antigo e agora fiz um pedido do Nude para experimentar.Compro sempre no ebay.com que envia ao mundo todo. É sensacional!!

  4. I’m a fan of the old Jintan and now made ​​a request to try the Nude. I always buy at ebay.com it sends to everyone. Great product!

  5. I bought this one and other flavors at Tops Supermarket, Silom, Bangkok. Regarding the belly part of its effect, try drinking some water after it has fully dissolved and you’ll feel a cold curious sensation in your belly as well 🙂

  6. i just got home last week from Koh Lanta, Thailand where i bought 4 packs of these mints…rasberry mint, honey mint, mint and sweet mint i think…i paid about 50 bath for each pack…they are so good 🙂

  7. 2017 update ! this mint is also being sold in at the supermarket located at Level-1 (Arrivals) in Terminal-3, at Singapore’s Changi Airport. It was placed at the counter where you pay for your purchases just beside the sales girl’s teller machine. Same good refreshing taste as described in above article.

    • Thank you for the update S! I’m so happy that my article on this mint still gets visits and comments after all these years. It is one of the most popular write up on my otherwise dormant blog. I need to find time to write more. 😀

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