STI Interior Emblem

In my recent visit to Bangkok, I discovered the R Style Racing car accessories shop in the famous MBK Mall. They were not the rice/ghetto, Concorde/Blade type of shop. They offered better quality stuff; mostly not original, but definitely of decent “Class A” quality. For the hardcore JDM fanatics who insist only on original stuff and get allergic to fakes, you may now navigate away from this page, before I continue.

I was able to buy some emblems here, including this STI emblem:

STI emblem copy

Again, this is only a copy and not from the original Subaru spare parts bin, but the quality is decent. It even uses 3M adhesive backing:

I do hope it's an original 3M adhesive LOL

So where does this emblem go? Well, original ones are found in the center console of Impreza STI’s such as this one:

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Interior

My Impreza it’s just a WRX but I put the emblem anyway, and here’s how it looks:

My WRX's center console

Not a bad mod for just 190 Baht (< US$7)! Purists may think this is tacky, but in my opinion, it’s a decent and classy enough mod that will not trip the rice alarm, and not to mention uber cheap! By the way, the adhesive sticks like a leech and since it’s in the interior of a tinted car, I wouldn’t have to worry of color fading.


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