Sunday Brunch @ Inagiku

Inagiku at Shangrila Hotel Makati may not be new, but it was my first time to dine there a few weeks ago. They offer a Sunday brunch buffet which starts at 11am and offers pretty much everything on their menu.

They arguably have the best sushi in town, which is why my first plate was a sampler of all their exotic sushi. My favorites are the ones that were slightly grilled.


My "round one" was a sushi sampler. (I didn't bother getting the usuals like California Maki)


The beef teppanyaki is also a must try, and in my opinion the best beef in town. It’s like beef flavored marshmallows! I didn’t get to ask if it is Kobe. The tempura? I’ve tasted better. But the good thing in Inagiku is that ebi tempura is in overflowing abundance. Waiters even serve it to you so you don’t have to bother lining up at the tempura station. They’ve also got sukiyaki and cold soba that I didn’t get to try simply because my tummy ran out of space! But I heard that the sukiyaki is also good.

At approximately Php1800 per person, it is not an average wage earner’s regular Sunday treat, but it definitely is one of the best buffets Manila has to offer. I would recommend trying Inagiku’s Sunday brunch it at least once just for experience, and if your palate falls in love, you can probably make it a once or twice a year kind of treat to yourself. Don’t forget to call them for a reservation, as they are always fully packed.


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