Ambi Pur Dual

If there’s such a thing as the official car air freshener for geeks, this would be it:

Ambi Pur Dual

It’s a dispenser that you load with two fragrances. Of course you can’t use both scents at the same time (you fool!). The 2 smells are supposed to be complimenting, and the dispenser has a switch(!) that allows you to swing from one aroma to the other, depending on your mood. There are various fragrance combinations to choose from for both the refills and the dispenser kits. One combination even implies that you use smell A for mornings and smell B for evenings.

This is definitely something to delight geeks and would be fellow geek passengers, not to mention an instant conversation piece to anyone that hitches a ride.

I bought 2 kits of these for our 2 cars. My car has the black dispenser. The white one in the photo matches the color of the wife’s car. Unfortunately, Ambi Pur Dual isn’t available in the Philippines. I was only able to see these in Hong Kong and Bangkok.


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