McDonald’s Chicken Bacon Deluxe

Whenever I travel, my rule of thumb is that if I have to eat fast food, I have to order something that’s not available in the Philippines. Besides, that is the whole point in traveling!

In a recent trip to Hong Kong, I went to Mong Kok to shop at the car accessories stores. Come lunchtime, I took a break and got grub at the nearest restaurant I could find, which happened to be a McDonald’s. Sticking to my rule, I ordered this:

McDonald's Chicken Bacon Deluxe

A quick look would have you thinking that it’s Mickey-D’s attempt at matching Burger King’s famous chicken sandwich. Well, it’s that and more. McDonald’s actually took a few steps further by adding bacon, some sort of barbecue sauce, and making cheese default (optional for BK), all these on a wheat bun. Sounds like a premium product right? At HK$30.80 for the value meal, it definitely is.

My quick review recommendation is “yes, go for it!” if you happen to visit HK. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s delicious (definitely beats Burger King’s version), filling, and a once in a lifetime experience (who knows if it’s a limited-time offer?).


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