Sharp In-car Air Ioniser Review

S&R Pricemart is known to occasionally carry novelty products in limited quantities. This is one such product I found in their Alabang branch a few weeks ago:

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Car Use

Sure there are generic 600-peso car ionisers in no-name blister packaging, but I’ve always wondered if these are any good. Sharp, being the well known electronics and appliance giant that it is, would most probably make better car ionisers. Besides, they do have ionisers built in their other products such as air conditioners, air purifiers and refrigerators. Without much thought, I snagged this one.

Tumbler shaped; great build quality

As you can see, the Sharp IG-BC2E air ioniser is tumbler shaped so it fits conveniently in your car’s cup holder. It’s a lot bulkier than the generic thumb-sized ionisers because it has a fan to circulate the air while ionising it. This gizmo is said to remove bad odors (a basic air ioniser claim) as well as remove viruses, mold and allergens. Product life is stated at 19,000 hours or roughly 6 years at 8 hours a day, after which you would have to replace the ion generator.

A fan sucks in cabin air through the mesh filter at the lower part of the unit.

I’ve been using the air ioniser for a few weeks now, but I honestly cannot tell if the thing works (i.e does what it claims to do). Subjectively, I did notice that in-car air did become odor free and somehow cleaner and “easier” to breathe in.

Outlet of ionized air at the top of the unit, plus a single button to operate it.

Serial at bottom of unit. Does the low number imply little quantities produced? Is the "2010" printed the production year?

Though this is a pricey car accessory at 10 times the cost of a generic ioniser, it is one that isn’t fixed into one car. You can have the benefit of improved in-cabin air quality even if you have two or more automobiles. That, and the fact that its a solid, durable, long life product may be enough reasons to justify its purchase.


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