Cool Kicks

I’m thirty-three at the time of writing, turning thirty-four in a couple of months. That simply means I shouldn’t be interested in any of this stuff, right? Well, I don’t know. But one thing’s for certain: sometimes you just need to feel really relaxed and casual on weekends, specially if you’re wrapped up in corporate attire the rest of the week.

Cadillac shoes - funky without being too tween.

I saw this shoe in California when I was there last month for the holidays. And at $49 they were a steal, so I got a pair. The craftsmanship is great, but comfort not so. What attracted me to these kicks is that they look young and yet mature and understated at the same time. You know I can’t wear Zoo York or DC anymore at my age. This Cadillac comes close to that without being too radical.

The Cadillac laurel and shield medallion is found at the heel

The Cadillac brand itself is a plus, more so because of the fact that they’re unobtainable in Manila. Those of you who have been to the US know for a fact that a lot of sneaker brands and designs sold there do not make it to our shores. I’m a sucker for exclusivity, especially if it doesn’t come at an exclusive price.

A leather patch with a logo graces the simple sole.

The simplistic, restrained design won me over. I also like the choice of materials: rough and shiny leather, checkered fabric on the linings, etc. The placement of the logos are discreet which is good. Plus the fact that I’m recently tripping on the color grey on just about anything.

Fusion of funk and formal all around.

If I would wear these kicks in the US, I would definitely look like an Asian dude trying hard to be a black guy. But here in Manila, these are definitely cool kicks.


P.S. Yeah, I know it’s been a while since my last blog post. Sorry guys, been very busy during the holidays. With this post as a “restart” hopefully I’ll get back my momentum to writing regularly again.


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