Enkei RPF1 T-Shirt

Late last year, I was browsing online for wheels and what not, I ran into Enkei USA’s website. At that time they were selling a limited edition shirt of the RPF1*. These shirts were probably made for the SEMA show and I assume they made a few extra batches to be sold. It’s the elusive stuff like this that excite me. It’s just US$18 shipped and is actually just a Hanes round neck tee with the design silk screened on it, but I’d rather walk around with this shirt on, than wear an off-the-mall Gap sortie (where’s the fun and individuality in that?).

So I placed an order, only to be told that my size was out of stock. I emailed them to cancel, unless they can source out or make more of my size. Chris Pollock of Enkei Sales Support was kind enough to look for one (he eventually found an extra brought back from the SEMA show) and he even threw in a lanyard for my patience. Now that’s a big win for service in my book, especially for an $18 transaction. Props to Chris!

Yours truly with wife, wearing the shirt at breakfast.

*The RPF1 is probably their most popular wheel design nowadays. It doesn’t have the coolest design, but what it is is purposeful and lightweight. Perfect for serious enthusiasts who wouldn’t break the bank for Rays or Work wheels that cost thrice as much. As far as I know, Enkeis are unobtanium in Manila because they don’t have distributors. One would really treasure hunt to find a set here and their best chance is probably through a shop that brings them in gray. I did see a shop that carried a set of RPF1 Type II‘s but I’m to selfish to share where they can be found, LOL!


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