I’m a Believer

I acknowledge that skin care products does have its benefits. I know that this sounds more “gay” than “geek” but take my advice: if your busy schedule only allows you to do a couple of skin care regimes, make sunscreens and moisturizers your top priority. Thank me later when you’re fifty.

Let’s zoom in at moisturizers. This also applies to us living in humid, tropical countries. For the body you can pretty much use any off the shelf lotion. Products that are labelled “for men” aren’t just marketing. Aside from having a masculine packaging and fragrance, these lotions tend to be lighter and less sticky (which is good, right?)

For the face, you have to be more discerning. While dabbing Vaseline on your mug is better than nothing, you should look for products that are more specialized for the face and neck. Products from Loreal and Nivea are ok. Some even have SPF blended in; perfect for the summer months (i.e. right now). Moisturize your face diligently and after a couple of weeks you will start to see improvements, from coarse and dry to firm and healthy looking.

There are more expensive stuff out there; the type you only read about in GQ Magazine i.e. Zirh, Clinique Men, Biotherm Homme, Kiehl’s, etc. I used to shy away from them thinking they’re just the same as the stuff you get at Watson’s and that the price premium is just highway robbery. This thinking changed when I got a sample sachet of Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Good thing I went in the store with my sis one time when she was out shopping (there’s another cameo of my sib in my blog again!).

No hyperbole, but this stuff is truly a miracle worker. Just after a couple of days using the sachet sample, I swear the lines on my forehead became more shallow somehow. I’m sold, and up there is a photo of my jar! This stuff is light, yet it feels like it fills the creases on my mug. And I can see the visual proof of the pudding…er…cream! The product is very pleasant too: it has that slightly nutty fragrance and just a wee bit of menthol that energizes. While Kiehl’s specifies it as anti-wrinkle, I pretty much apply a thin layer all over my face and neck, most especially after shaving.

This blog is a long ramble but the gist is: if you don’t want to look all shriveled up like a lonesome cowboy when you come of age, then get yourself a jar. Highly recommended!


Subaru US Dealer Stickers

I love getting stuff from the mail and this latest one is from sis in Boston. Upon my request, she sent me stickers from their local Subaru dealer, Cityside Subaru. Sis got these when she leased a Forester.

I’ve already got a few decals in my car and intentionally, all of them came from the US. There’s that rally pig in the left side mirror, hellaflush on the center caps of the wheels and an Illest bumper sticker on the rear window. The latest would be the dealer decals. These would be rarities if not one of a kind here in Manila.

I like putting decals on a car to give it personality. Some may think it’s tacky, but I beg to disagree, as long as it’s done tastefully and with reservation.

Thanks for the Memories

Both my wife’s car and mine have aftermarket car stereos that have USB ports for plugging iPods or thumb drives. For obvious reasons, I don’t use CD’s anymore. I have an old (i.e. 2nd gen) 16GB iPod Touch where I put all my latest music downloads. But I needed another medium to store my old favorites, which are mostly rips from original CDs.

The best answer for me would be the highest capacity USB flash drive that I could find. And that took the form of the Sony MicroVault USL-M series.

To date, 32GB is the highest possible capacity in FAT storage format. Anything bigger cannot be formatted using Windows, and might cause stability issues in devices. Finding a 32GB USB drive is a challenge in Manila. But thanks to perseverance I chanced upon the Sony MicroVault like a hidden treasure tucked within the cramped Data Blitz in Park Square. The packaging had a sticker that said “Sony Hong Kong” and I have a hunch that this is a grey market item mixed amongst their other inventory. I doubt if you will find another one like it there, or in any other Data Blitz branch for that matter.

So far the MicroVault  has served me well. Transfer speed is decent. Although I must say that the drive got corrupted a couple of times after using it on an Alpine car stereo. I was able to repair the flash drive via a simple format, and I have a feeling it was the Alpine that was at fault, not the thumb drive.