They Don’t Make Them Where They Used To

Celebrated my birthday last week, and as a gift to myself, I bought a few cheap Takara Tomy die cast miniature toy cars.

Yeah, I love Subarus!

These little goodies–which back in the late 70’s was generically and collectively called “Matchbox”–really made me sentimental. Remembering how I used to collect them as a toddler, I brought out my old set from storage.

I used to collect so much as a child, I even had a carrying case for them.

Heres my collection from decades ago...or whats left of it. Im pretty sure I had more but have already been misplaced.

I just had to compare the new toys against the old. In my opinion the old ones had better craftsmanship as well as slightly better detail in the casting of the metal.

Old Tomica (left) and new Takara Tomy. Would you agree that the old is better made than the new?

Another key difference of the old versus new is where they’re manufactured. The new Tomys are now made in Vietnam or China. I’m guessing new Matchboxes are made in China too. Check out where the classic ones were made:

Classic Tomica: Made in Japan!

Classic Matchboxes are Made in UK! And check out the year on this one: 1973! (I wasnt even born yet!)

There was a 3rd die cast toy car brand back then: Majorette. They were made in France.

Classic die casts (From L-R: Matchbox, Majorette, Tomica). Which of these brands produced better quality toys? You decide.

It’s really sad that nowadays, majority of stuff is made in China. Don’t blame us thirty-ish year old guys for comparing.