Mid-year Resolutions

This entry is significant to me for a number of reasons: 1) It’s the first time I’ve written something mid-flight, 2) It’s been two months since I last blogged, 3) I came up with resolutions at the middle of the year!

You may ask why I made a list of mid-year resolutions. My straightforward answer would be I felt that I needed to “adjust” some things about how I am and how I do things. We grow older, preferences change, and, I would have to admit that for men, the maturity process is a perpetual thing.

Without further delay, here’s my list of 10:

1. Never again purchase a quartz watch, no matter how tempting.
2. Never again own a DSLR, no matter how tempting.
3. Seriously consider getting a pair of classic styled Vans and Converse, even though I’ve abhored them as far as I remember.
4. Stop wearing branded clothes with branding for the sake of branding, and start wearing branded clothes without branding for the sake of quality.
5. Kick the obsessive-compulsive behaviour of keeping stuff pristine, because a little wear and tear adds character.
6. As a corollary to #5, learn to love lo-fi, patinas, brassing, distress, fade, scuffs, etc.
7. Get only what I need and realize that the biggest, fastest, latest, etcetera isn’t always the best or most practical for me.
8. Never enter a sport shoe (or rubber shoe, as Filipinos would call it) store, unless my cross trainers need replacement.
9. Think thrice before disposing anything, no matter how useless or outdated it may seem at the moment.
10. Stop trying to look younger than I really am. Nothing wrong with caring for my body to be youthful, but dress appropriate to my age.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these aren’t dramatic (and melodramatic) resolutions. Nothing about losing weight, recycling, saving money, eating healthier or any of the standard new year’s crap (that gets violated a week after they get written anyway). This list are mere tweaks, and are mostly about lifestyle. I posted this to be a reminder to myself, or to anyone who may feel that the list makes sense.