Kangaroo Windscreen Washer Fluid Quick Review

I felt I had to do a quick blog post on this as it had been raining the past several days. Think of it as my little contribution to public service.

This rainy season, it’s best to always check your washer fluid tank and make sure it’s full. Manila’s streets are grimy to say the least, and when you’re driving in the rain, your glass will get muddy in no time. You will need the washers to help the wipers out; the extra fluid will dissolve the grit and lubricate the wipers for a cleaner clean, and to help prevent scratching your glass. At the very least, plain tap water from Maynilad or Manila Water will do. No “deep well” water please, it will clog your washer system. I personally use filtered water, such as what can be bought from village water stations.

An even better solution is to use washer fluid, such as Kangaroo. This Made in Korea product is currently my choice for helping to get the grime out of your windshield this rainy season.  I’m assuming it has some kind of car safe detergent, as well as a rain repellant additive. While it’s meant to go in your washer tank undiluted, I personally dilute it: 1 part Kangaroo to 3 parts water. From experience, using this product pure causes the wipers to shudder.

With the Kangaroo-water mix, the wipers clean your windscreen more efficiently. At the same time the fluid improves visibility by leaving a rain repellant coat on the glass, thus making the rain water bead and quickly drip off.

At the price of a Big Mac Meal (Php149.50 to be exact), Kangaroo is your cheap ticket to safer driving in the rain. Go get a a bottle or two at True Value stores.


As you can see, my bottle is already two thirds empty due to the continuous rain this week.


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