Geek Firmware Upgrade Version 2012

A.K.A five New Year’s Resolutions for twenty twelve. A new year is a chance for us to tweak ourselves, run smoother, remove the bugs and the occasional crash. Truly, a man’s preferences evolve. He is also forced to adapt to the changing times, and most importantly to adjust for irreversible aging. And like firmware upgrades, it doesn’t have to be dramatic revisions. More often, some subtle tuning is all that is needed.

And so, here’s my personal list of five improvements and bug fixes for this new year:

1. A few steps forward towards health. A few months ago, I’ve been hitting the stationary bike and lifting some weights. Not hard core, but I began wearing pants a size smaller and it’s quite inspiring. I’m also saying no soda (not even diet), and no artificial sweeteners. My blood sugar was on the high side of normal, but I figure artificial sweeteners might be more dangerous than helpful in the long term.

2. Move towards organic. Not only for food, but for other grocery items as well. It is only lately that I realized that some products such as shampoo and toothpaste produced by multinational companies may not be entirely safe and healthy to use. After all, for most products nowadays, price and profit margin are the main consideration and heaven knows what they put in those things. I could only hope for a Whole Foods Market to open in the Philippines.

3. One watch a year, one gadget a year. This is an attempt at a stricter discipline when it comes to spending…for geek vices in particular. Wrist watches have been a recent passion, and it is very easy to lose control–and my entire savings for that matter–to this addiction. Limiting myself to buy only one watch will not only save my wallet, it is also a fun, exciting and challenging quest to research and pick just one from a sea of choices. Same goes with gadgets: if I decide to ditch my crappy Blackberry Playbook for a Macbook Air, that’s it, upgrading to iPhone 5 would have to wait until January 1, 2013 the earliest. If I am unable to buy a watch nor a gadget for 2012, that would be better. My savings account will thank me (hey, that actually sounds very mature!). Hopefully I can apply this resolution not only for 2012, but for the succeeding years beyond.

4. Tweet the traffic for public service. Not everyone has the MMDA iPhone app. And not even MMDA can tweet the traffic situation in all areas at all times. If I get stuck going south bound in South Luzon Expressway (which happens a lot but fingers crossed for 2012), I’ll let the Tweetdom know to help others from falling into the same trap. It’s the least of a good that I can do, given my permanent mean streak and irreverence on Twitter which will not change anytime soon, by the way.

5. Migrate from iPhoto to Aperture. Truly a geeky and trivial new year’s resolution but just to explain: currently I upload my photos to both which is not only uselessly redundant, but a waste of hard drive space. 2012 onwards, I will use Aperture as my only photo management software (and I encourage everyone to do the same).

Just like the Facebook app that releases an update every so often, this set of personal resolutions is by no means absolute. Besides, we all have to apply kaizen to keep us from hanging and crashing.

Have you installed your own personal firmware upgrades yet? Happy twenty-twelve everyone!


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