It’s a TAG but it’s Not a Watch

One of the fun things about going to Hong Kong is that the watch boutiques there offer more than just watches. Novelties such as watch branded cologne (Omega Aqua Terra), cufflinks and leather goods can be found here which are nowhere to be had in Manila. I thought of sharing my impulse buy from a recent trip to the watch mecca.

TAG Heuer box

The sales person from the Tsim Sha Tsui Tag Heuer boutique said that this item is available in selected boutiques only, hence a rarity in its own right.

Inside the box

It’s finely made, I might add. The size is adjustable and the clasp snaps tightly into place. Yes, just like a leather strapped watch, but worn more loosely. Although I’ve never been a bracelet kind of guy, I thought of trying this out for relaxed weekends as a substitute to wearing a watch. (Gasp! Did I really say that?!)

Beauty is in the details

Bracelet clasp

Bracelet clasp details

Under the bracelet

There’s another version featuring dark brown aged leather with white stitching, and Monaco stripes of baby blue and orange on the steel. The boutique also offers belts and wallets.

If I may add, the photos of the bracelet are actually experimental shots of the Sony E mount 30mm f/3.5 MACRO lens for NEX cameras.