The Php500 Performance Mod for Your Car


Yup, you read right, and yes, you’re looking at the correct photo of it. So how will a can of emergency puncture repair improve your car’s performance? Well, what I’m recommending here is to stash one of these in your car and get rid of your spare tire.

The spare tire, jack and related tools weighs at least 30 pounds combined, which is practically useless weight that your car carries around for each and every mile you drive it. Getting rid of the extra weight improves your car’s power-to-weight ratio (how much weight is carried per horsepower). This simple and cheap modification will help improve your car’s responsiveness, efficiency and acceleration. And it’s most noticeable with compact cars.

And you get a couple of bonuses with this “mod”: 1) improved fuel efficiency as your car’s engine has less weight to pull around and 2) convenience when you get a flat because you don’t have to change a flat tire, just pump the content of this can to the punctured tire and drive home!


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