New Year’s Resolutions 2013

It’s that time of the year again, and without further rambling, here are mine:
1. 1080p AVCHD video – my aging Sony NEX-3 only captures only 720p mp4 and I’m beginning to see that the output is anything but satisfactory. It’s about time I made clearer home videos. Of course this requires professional editing software like Final Cut Pro and a new camera which can be anything from a Nikon D600, a Sony NEX-5R or a Sony RX100. Whatever I choose, I will most likely report in this blog.
The Sony NEX-5R is capable of 1080p AVCHD video.

The Sony NEX-5R is capable of 1080p AVCHD video.

2. Retina Display – I’m still using the 1st generation iPad. It’s now as slow as molasses and ready to die (although its battery life is surprisingly like new!). Maybe this year is the time for a new tablet. The iPad Mini is half-hearted. The New iPad is what I want.

3. 1080p movies – up until very recently, I download movies in 720p to save hard drive space. I thought that the difference of 720p and 1080p was negligible especially with the smallish 40-inch plasma screen in my bedroom. I was clearly mistaken. For 2013, it’s 1080p movies all the way…
4. Apple Lossless encoding – again, in an effort to save space, I traditionally ripped my CDs to 256kbps AAC. That meant maltreating my ears. This year, I’d rather have less high-res music on my iPhone than have more music with crappy quality.
5. A 36,000 vph watch – yes, watches have resolution too! Theoretically, movements that beat faster are more accurate. Most mechanical watches beat at 28,800vph (vibrations per hour). God willing, I may be able to cough up funds to own a 36,000vph Zenith El Primero, or Grand Seiko Hi-Beat.
Zenith Original 1969 38mm with an El Primero movement beating at 10Hz or 36,000 vibrations per hour (vph)

Zenith Original 1969 38mm with an El Primero movement beating at 10Hz or 36,000vph

6. Explore 96khz, 24 bit audio – I may be going well ahead of myself on this one. I will certainly not adopt this better-than-CD audio bit rate this year as it seems to be still at its infancy, but I will definitely start researching on it. Today, the music format exists and there’s a gizmo designed to decode and play them, but I’ll let this one bake in the oven a little longer. Maybe next year it’ll be piping hot and ready to be consumed…
Well there you have it, a true geek’s set of New Year’s “Resolutions”. I hope you get the pun by now, else I cannot consider you a true nerd. Postscript: if you were hoping to read about 4k video, that’s reserved for resolutions a few years down the road!
Happy New Year Geeks!