Another 10 Golden Rules for the Modern Man

10. Be conscious about coffee breath.

9. Smell good, but mildly so.
8. Do at least once a week: go to church, exercise, drive a manual tranny car.
7. Be loyal to quality, not brand.
Be loyal to quality, not brand.

Be loyal to quality, not brand.

6. Shed old clothes like a snake sheds old skin; be a Samaritan and donate what you don’t need.
5. Diversify: own several brands of shirts, jeans, shoes, watches, cars.
4. Unsure of what car to buy? Get anything better than your country’s taxi and you’re all set.
3. Embrace patina: leather wrinkles, watches scratch, tarnishes on your car’s paint job will buff out.
2. Make your boss look good, more so if it is yourself.
1. Do not scrimp on underwear.

10 Golden Rules for the Modern Gentleman

10. Do not use tire shine, it’s for pussies.

9. Never brag in social media.
8. Wear clothes that fit.
7. Have a decent watch that’s worth 3 months of your salary.
6. Get a hobby and own it, but don’t let it own you.
5. Eat lots fish and vegetables, avoid high fructose corn syrup.
4. Moisturize and wear sunscreen.
3. Never be caught with an empty phone battery.
2. Drive like a gentleman.
1. Avoid patronizing the mainstream; exclusivity is gold.