The Wrong Ways, for the Wrong Reasons

You use a hammer to drive a nail, a saw to cut wood. You drive a sedan to the office, a farmer uses a tractor to harvest corn. Do you wear sneakers to attend a wedding? Some people actually do, but you get my point. These are obvious, basic examples for using the right tools for certain tasks that even a simpleton would know about. 

I wish it were this obvious for social media too.

The sad truth is, most people use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in wrong ways, for wrong reasons. And this compels me to write about the basics of social media usage. Plus, I don’t want to start writing about proper hashtag use, that’s another article altogether! Without further rambling, here’s my guide on how to properly use the top three SNS:
1. Instagram is all about pictures obviously. I think IG was originally intended to share photos that are beautiful and awe-inspiring. So next time you feel like uploading, don’t just upload anything you want. Ponder on the photo and give it a simple litmus test: is it beautiful or it awe-inspiring? If you answer is yes, then go ahead and upload. I will forgive you for the occasional food shot or sunset, but not for group photos of family reunions.
Use Instagram for: a rare classic car in good shape, the amazing view of your hotel room, the best photo from your beach vacation
And not for: blurry and grainy selfies of you and your officemates wasted in a bar, a photo album of your baby, an online storefront, quotes, video (I don’t care what Zuckerberg thinks)
2. If Instagram is for pictures that’s worth a thousand words, Twitter is all about broadcasting with a few words. It’s the modern haiku. It’s where your wit and creativity in writing is put to the test. It’s about a phrase that’s worth a thousand words! Another use for Twitter is public service. However it isn’t for chatting with friends.
Use Twitter for: your opinion on current events (with tact), something witty or funny (consider your audience), sharing a road accident that is causing traffic
And not for: sharing your mood, ranting about the weather, saying “hi” to a friend you miss
3. I saved Facebook for last because I absolutely looove this SNS!!! (I was being sarcastic). Like a public toilet, here you can pretty much do anything!
Use Facebook for: albums of reunions and vacations, selling an old tablet, birthday greetings, sharing your mood, ranting about the weather, saying “hi” to a friend you miss
And not for: passive-aggressively confronting someone, sharing hoaxes (i.e.cancer cures), chain messages (i.e. like and share this prayer and go to heaven), blatant bragging, porn (and other illegal activity)
So that’s it, my take on social media guidelines. My key takeaway: I just wasted an hour of my life writing and posting this coz no one will abide by them anyway. Social Networking Sites will always be the most abused and misused medium on the Interwebs today.
Happy Holidays!

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