Running Out of Time

I am 36 years old this year, no shame about it. Pretty soon I will be crossing over from “young adult” to “middle aged” and what I wear must evolve accordingly.

I’m saddened, not because of growing old, but because I will inevitably be giving up some of the things I love, such as sneakers. I recently got hooked into collecting, but I am considering to give up the hobby soon. After all, a man in his 40’s wearing retro Nike Air Jordan V’s would not be age appropriate.

For now I have given myself a deadline: buy all the sneakers my wallet can bear until the end of 2013, which is friggin’ less than 90 days from now! Next year onwards, I would disallow myself from purchasing any pair of “kicks.” Alas, I would have to do with rotating the few that have now. A rubber shoe has a life expectancy of five to six years, after which its EVA midsole will naturally crumble with age and wear. My current collection will practically be unwearable by the time I’m in my early 40s, forcing myself out of “the game” (that’s how kids nowadays would call the sneakerhead addiction). Sounds like a plan right? I hope so; rehab is tough.

Below are photos of some key pairs in my humble collection. I grew up in the golden age of sneakers so as you can see I tend to collect only retros and try to stick to original colorways. I buy and wear them for sentimental reasons. Plus, retros are (obviously) more classically designed and more suitable for men who are far beyond their teens.

Top to Bottom:

1. Nike Air Max 1 – OG, the first sneaker with a visible air bladder in the midsole  originally released in 1987 in the same color and design
2. Nike Air Jordan Retro IV – Fire Red, exactly how Jordan wore it back in the days
3. Asics Gel Lyte III – Navy/Orange, a retro of an early 90’s design


asics gel lyte iii

P.S. If you think this blog entry sounds like a personal justification to burn a black hole in my pocket copping a crapload of rubber shoes for the next few months, you’re absolutely right! 😉