7 Tips for Shopping at Uniqlo

Since its 2012 launch in the Philippines, Uniqlo has quickly become the go to shop of the practical Filipino fashionista. And it’s no surprise, as the brand is well known for churning out affordable, yet quality clothing for men, women, teens and even children! This megachain from Japan is no stranger to Pinoy shopaholics and travelers, who used to fly to other countries just to get their Uniqlo fix.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan, and I can sincerely say that if I had to choose only one brand to get all my clothing, it’d be from Uniqlo. I like that this company offers mostly the basics, with some trendy and Asian inspired pieces thrown in the mix to add some spice. I also love it’s value for money and most of all, the way the clothes fit my Asian frame. Of course, Uniqlo is not without its (minor) flaws.

Uniqlo Ginza

The mothership: Uniqlo’s 10 storey main branch in Ginza, Japan.

This article is all about what to indulge in, and what to avoid, when you’re in one of their stores. If you’re a Uniqlo fan too, read on, and I’ll teach you how to shop like a pro! Note though that these tips mostly apply to the male shopper.

1. Never buy at regular price, at least in Philippine branches. Here, they come up with weekly offers, and your favorite items will eventually get discounted. Just be patient. When they do, that’s the time you grab ’em. Sure, you may miss out on some trendy pieces that come and go and never be on sale, but who cares? It’s not the end of the world. Follow Uniqlo Philippines on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter for first dibs on weekly “Limited Offers.”

2. Avoid their denim jeans and especially their (ugh!) jeggings. I know this may come out as shocking. After all, who can resist prices that go as low as Php990 a pair with free hemming? Simply put, a real man needs real jeans. This statement needs its own blog entry. But for now, if you’re looking for a pair, walk away from Uniqlo and head on over to Levi’s.

3. Get only the basics. I’m not saying their trendy pieces are bad. They are in fact very well executed. Staying with the basics has mostly to do with wallet discipline. It’s easy to lose control on trendy clothes that come and go, and you don’t want to be left with a closet full of clothes that will be “useless” after a while, along with an empty wallet and a mind brimming with buyer’s remorse.

4. Avoid the printed tees. They call this their UT line. Generally speaking they are, well, corny.

5. The Supima line is a must buy. This line of basic t-shirts oozes with luxurious quality and yet priced for everyman! “Supima” is a mark of quality for pima, one of the best types of cotton in the world. They fit better than Uniqlo’s regular tees too!

6. Airism and Heattech are two of Uniqlo’s best products. Durable, well-fitting and very, very comfortable, Airism is daily underwear that’s cool and perfect for our tropical weather. Heattech is for stealthy layering for travels to temperate countries. Their prices seem prohibitive, but you don’t need to stock on them at one go. Build your “inventory” by buying one or two pieces at a time as your budget allows.

7. Bottoms should be a snug fit, at least at the time of purchase. This applies to chinos, shorts and the like, as Uniqlo makes them with stretch fabric which loosens with wear. You do not want to have sagging pants after three washes.

So that’s it. Do you think my tips make sense or do you have some disagreement? Do you have any other tips to add on? Let me know in the comments section. Happy Uniqlo shopping!